User safety and security

To customers

What does the Buyer Protection Program include? Purchase of goods that are subject to delivery and do not violate HalalBank's policies. Here are some examples where the product does not match the description provided by the seller: you ordered a book, but received a DVD; you bought a new product, but received a used one; you ordered 3 products, but received only 2; the ordered product was damaged during delivery; important elements of the product are missing, and the seller did not specify this in the description; you bought a genuine product and received a fake one. However, the Buyer Protection Program does not apply to cases where you simply did not like the product.

To sellers

In addition, to be eligible for the Seller Protection Program, you need to maintain a certain standard of work. The standard of work includes, among other factors, maintaining a history of claims, chargebacks and refunds regarding the number of payments you have received. You will be able to use the HalalBank Seller Protection Program if you have received less than 100 claims, chargebacks and refunds in the previous 30 days, or if the number of claims, chargebacks and refunds amounted to less than 1% of your total online sales.